“We have received the video! Thanks so much, it is beautiful! We are delighted with it! The work is brilliant!! ...

...Muchas gracias!
Best regards,
Nathalie and Martin”

“Our DVD's arrived today.  I can not thank you enough the DVD is absolutley amazing - you have done a fantastic job.  We are so impressed with the footage  - wow it really is fantastic you have captured everything we couldn't have asked for anything more. 
We will be recommending you to everyone.
Thank you so so much - we are very very happy. 
Happy Christmas to you all
Take Care 
Thanks again - you have made our year 
Lots of love 

Lucy & Scott”

“ just want to let you know that our dvd arrived and were delighted with it you both did an amazing job, we were all in tears yesterday watching it and then of course there was the laughter at all the bits we didnt see, anyway thanks so much for giving us a reminder of what a lovely day we had..
Thanks so much

Yvonne and Keith”


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This is what our brides and grooms said:

•    All brides loved their wedding day and none of them would have changed anything on hindsight.

•    9 out of 11 brides find video just as good as photo or even prefer video to stills images.

•    All brides found the quality of picture and sound a very important factor in the video.

•    Almost all brides thought, it was very important to know exactly what they were buying before committing to the video.

•    Almost all brides thought, the conduct of the video team; long filming hours; quick delivery; and an affordable price were important.

•    Least important was the presentation of the DVD.

With this in mind we put forward our summer offers 2011: get your video for only 690€! Check it out!

Here is what the brides thought of us:

“We didn’t even notice the video team the whole day they were extremely professional and we got everything we wanted and more. After the wedding when the video arrived which was a few weeks after we sat down and cried as it was perfect and we saw things in the video that we didn’t realise on the day cause you are in a bubble and you forget as the day goes by so quickly. The quality of the video was perfect.”

“Make the couple aware of what having one camera will mean. I would've loved to have a good recording of the ceremony and to have been able to see/ hear my family do their readings on the dvd, it’s better to have two cameras.”

“There not much more to say other then we were delighted and just one or two of the points above, thanks for bringing the happiest day of our lifes to film !! Adrian & Grace !!”

“I hardly noticed you were there on the day which for me was just how I wanted it - but when the DVD came you had captured everything we were both so happy with it and still nearly two years on watch it every so often and are still very happy with the DVD. I loved that just before you left for the evening you were able to show some footage from the day - this was a complete surprise and we throughly enjoyed this. The quality of your work is excellent and I would recommend you again and again.”

“the only part ur team missed was us having our first kiss at the alter. i was dissapointed with that but the rest of the dvd is brilliant. the camera spun to the crowd in the church instead of us for the kiss. thought that was a strange one to miss. no going back though. i would still recommend your service as the guys were great, Just keep doing what you are doing.”

“i thought you did a fantastic job, you were all very friendly and professional. You made everyone feel comfortable. Once again thank you for everything.”

“I would like to tell you that myself and Brian both agree that of all the money we spent on the wedding...making the investment of hiring your team to film the day was the best decision we made (other than deciding to get married...hehe!) Thank you very much for an amazing DVD, that we have enjoyed with all of our friends and family and will cherish for years to come!everything was perfect”

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